Saturday, February 5, 2011

Coyotes wake us at 4am

Coyotes woke us up this morning at 4am howling & whining.

This picture is not of the coyote from this morning. This is a picture of a coyote at cherry creek state park which is about 10 minutes from home. The ones we see at home look just like this one. Well fed!

Our back yard backs up to Quincy Reservoir, in fact our chain link fence belongs to the city. We see lots of wildlife out here from our windows & our new deck, especially in the winter time. We see & hear coyotes all year long but not like we do in the winter. I love winter! I have been trying to get a good photograph of them for years and the ones I have taken were blurry or two far away. I usually only see one coyote which is usually morning or around sunset. I have a great view of the reservoir from my craft room so lots of times I sit at my desk and look through my binoculars. Last winter I was watching for them and spotted a pack of coyotes on the ice (I call them the 6-pack) I was so excited! I also videotaped them which was pretty far away still but you could see & hear them. Of course then I was hooked & watched for them every evening and actually saw them quite often but I only saw five after that. My dog Rusty always lets me know when they are around. As soon as he hears them he goes crazy.
Last year we were watching my next door neighbors chihuahua for a while and I let them outside when I got up (like I always do) went in the bathroom & I heard all this barking so I looked out the bedroom window and to my surprise there were TWO coyotes right outside our fence looking at chico (chihuahua) like he was breakfast. I wanted to grab my camera but seeing them so close scared me so I banged on the window & yelled at them and they took off. They can jump a 6 foot fence if they really want too.
I'm looking forward to lots more coyote adventures, so stay tuned!

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